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Make an impact by supporting our mission and help our athletes reach their goals. TRIMotion3 offers sponsorship opportunities at a variety of levels and for various events. Sponsorship support makes it possible for athletes to experience learning, camaraderie and competition.




TRIMotion empowers athletes to reach their goals and dreams. However, sports can be a roadblock for some individuals with disabilities or financial restrictions due to expensive medical bills, training costs, and insurance not covering sports equipment.  For less than you spend on coffee each week, you can help athletes with TRIMotion3 to overcome barriers and reach their potential by making a one-time or recurring, monthly donation. 



Volunteers, guides, and handlers are the backbone of our organization and are needed to ensure the success of TRIMotion3 athletes. You do not need to prior experience to volunteer. There are plenty of ways to get involved.  Please check the events page to discover new ways to be involved. 

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If you are interested in more information on partnering with us in any capacity please contact us here.