TRIMotion3 seeks to provide a safe environment where kids aged 6-15 years (exceptions may apply) have fun, are active and healthy, develop basic physical and social skills, and prepare (mentally and physically) to complete a kids triathlon. 


TRIMotion3 serves triathletes of all ages and abilities by providing support, education and events to encourage and promote triathlon as a sport and a healthy lifestyle. 


 TRIMotion3 seeks to positively engage with athletes of all ages with physical disabilities and visual impairments through developing their skills in paratriathlon. 


 TRIMotion3 works to educate and train athletes by focusing on different physiologic systems, injury prevention, mental toughness, and proper fueling. From the 100m dash to a 50K TRIMotion3 provides athletes with the skills they need to reach their goals safely and healthy.

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