TRIMotion3 seeks to provide athletes, from entry level to the seasoned athlete, personalized training plans to reach goals in a safe and healthy manner. 

Individuals working with TRIMotion3 receive the following based on specific needs and goals. 

  •  Unlimited daily contact with your coach via email on an as needed basis 
  • Weekly contact by phone on an as needed basis 
  • Free threshold testing upon startup as well as every three months to monitor progress and ensure accurate heart rate training zones 
  • Detailed race fueling analysis and written plan. 
  • Set-up of annual training periodization that considers your goal races and other personal priorities 
  • Specific targeting of physiological limiters, and monitoring of progress throughout the season 
  • Detailed race execution analysis, including analysis of power, pace, and heart rate files.
  • Specific pacing plans for all of your races including wattage recommendations on the bike 
  • Daily workouts sent in 4 week blocks via the online training log 
  •  Optional swim and run analysis  

Athletes Who Participate in the Program Need to Provide:

  • Training gear - bikes, goggles, helmets, shoes
  • USAT membership 
  • Race entry fee (when applicable)